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It's A Site About The Twilight Saga!

This site is being made by 2 website development students at the Springfield, VT CCV campus. We're obsessed with Twilight...and we know we're not alone. What a better way to do school work...then make it about something you love.

Vampires V. Werewolves

We all know the infamous love triangle from the saga (even if Bella doesn't), but what if there really were vampires and werewolves...which side would you be on?

Warning!: This site contains You found it!!!

Titles in the Twilight Saga The book The movie
This book was realeased in 2005
The movie was released on November 21, 2008
New Moon
This one was released in 2006
This movie will be released on November 20, 2009
This book was released in 2007

This movie will be released in June of 2010.

Breaking Dawn
This book was released in 2008
This movie is not determined to be made yet. =[[
Midnight Sun

This book has not been finished yet simply because there were chapters released on the web and Stephanie stopped writing out of fury and dissappointment with her fans.

There is a draft that Stephenie's brother, Seth, said We had permission to post up. but here is the twist.. It's hidden.. Can you find it?? ☻☺♥

So of course this movie is not determinded to even possibly be filmed. =[[!!!!